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Melinda Bak

The behind the scenes truth?

Building websites is a byproduct of building a life. My life. Yours.

Though there was a degree in journalism (BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison), and a Masters (Minnesota), and a CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional, University of St. Thomas OPUS School of Business) - writing persuasive content was always been how I helped organizations move forward.

Melinda Bak, communications strategist, journalist, author, certified digital marketing professional - knows change-management, neural-messaging amd turn-around communications strategies and websites for small business website design

I was that nerdy kid who published her own weekly newspaper in grade-school. In grad-school, I was the editor there too. When I saw a need, I wrote to address it. That bit of work got published internationally, launching me onto the international training circuit. It was a thrill and a steep learning curve.

As a consultant and an exec, I wrote to save troubled non-profits and businesses. Sometimes what I did worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

And I learned, learned along the way - what works and what doesn’t - what causes organizations to flail or rise above.

Really, just the usual kind of stuff that makes a person want to launch out on their own in order to get things right. And, it’s been a blast!

Turns out past entrepreneurial leadership - for-profit, non-profit and social enterprise work - was great background for helping small businesses launch websites that exceed business goals.

In fact, on more than one occasion, I’ve halted website development and come alongside a company to help them create a scale-up plan so they were prepared for the new influx of work that a stellar new website can launch.

How does tripling revenue sound?
Yep, that happened for one of my clients this past year; from 1M to 3M in 18-months. Sweet.

I specialize in great-looking, high-performing (SEO) websites that serve small businesses.

What qualifies as a small business? Officially, a business with a hundred or fewer employees.

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And that’s my sweet-spot, the place where my life experience benefits those I serve.

I’m committed to creating affordable (not skimpy) websites that look great. Even better, I create customized websites that help your business breakthrough the chatter!

Let’s get it right.

You googled and worked to get it done on your own. Kudos to you! Still, creating breakthrough messaging online or in a meeting - is a thing. It’s part science, part art, and it’s all I do. Which makes me glad that you landed here. Let’s get your message delivery right. Let’s get you seen. And let’s make you proud of what others see and hear.

When I take on your website or presentation, I take on your vision, goals, dreams and work with you to create a strategy that helps you get from here to there.

Because you, my friend, are one of those amazing people who took the leap, you deserve a website that works as hard as you do. You took your business dreams, stepped up and made it happen! So, you know that there’s no time to waste when it comes to leveling-up your website with its breakthrough content, design and SEO.

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Whether your business needs a winning online presence - or you’re leading a meeting that requires the ability to overcome resistance and stasis - you’ve landed in the right place.

With a career that required me to both publish (online blogs, newsletters, technical and persuasive reports) and deliver multiple weekly presentations and presentations, I get the challenges. Speaking and writing for boards of directors, staff, investors, and the public - I had more than my share of opportunities to get it right. And, get it wrong.

Yep. I’ve done a public face-plant or two.

And, in the words of one of my favorite authors, Dr. Brené Brown, I learned to rise strong. I’m a believer in giving it your all, of failing fast and learning fast. Failure isn’t life-defining; though failing to learn, adapt, and overcome - can be.

As an executive leader, that has meant that my communication learning-curve was often on full public display.

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I learned on the job, before hundreds and thousands, frequently live-streamed to the far corners of the world.

And, it’s true, I didn’t always articulate well when making a big-as(k). (You can read more about that irreversible faux pas HERE.)

My most challenging moment, however, was far from fleeting. It lasted not for an hour, a day, or for a few weeks, but for two-years. The up-side was the privilege I had to walk with some of the most amazing people in the world. Together, we faced a volatile, crazy-violent faction. Leading well mattered.

How I handled difficult people would (whether I liked it or not) set the course for how others would stand in the face of challenges. There were colleagues and clients watching. Young men and young women, teens and children.

So, I stood. Unwavering. With integrity.

I had determined to return kindness - regardless.

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During those two years, I received all kinds of sordid mail (those in leadership will understand).

But, most remarkable were the hundreds of letters from teens, children, parents and business leaders who (it turned out) were all taking note.

Though I was the tip of the spear, each in their own way had remarkably chosen to join the effort of “rising above.”

As I am an ever so ordinary leader, I am sure that if I can, you can - rise above - whatever is set before you. Supporting your journey from here to there is possible only because I have lived it. Breakthrough presence, messaging, and delivery matters now more than ever.

I believe in breakthrough. I study it. Practice it. Live it.
And I am committed to helping you attain it.

We’ll use the brain science of thinking. And the transforming ability of storytelling together with your subject expertise.

We’ll ask, “Why when you say what you say do, do people hear what they hear and do what they do?”

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How can you engage your audience’s neural-disposition to get to breakthrough? It’s part art, part science. And, it’s all I do.

Whether coaching leaders and speakers who are ready to level-up their performance or working with small business owners who are poised to increase their marketplace presence with a stellar website - I go for breakthrough. And, over-deliver.


Scale-Up your ability to influence


The more I hit a home-run and landed a message strong, the more I wanted to make that my new normal.

Words came easy (background as a journalist and all) but finding resonance with a diverse audience and tending things like the storyline, the arch of the presentation, and the neuroscience of low-risk participation opening doors for high level engagement - that was learned.

I was humbled when I would be out and about and would hear an idea I had introduced being talked about over coffee or practiced by a colleague. It made me want to learn more and do even better.

My education equipped me in lots of ways, but almost everything having to do with actual communication came through studied practice and the weekly sessions I was fortunate to have with forthright staff who were my check-and-balance, telling me what worked and what didn’t. I will forever be grateful to Steve, Beth, Mark and Sam for their unflinching honesty in getting us - as team - to where we needed to go.

Everything you’ve learned and accomplished up until now has made you great at what you do!

I can’t do what you do, the way that you do it.

My work’s focus - communication and educating communicators - has necessarily come at the exclusion of what you do. If communication hasn’t been at the forefront of your mind - no worries. You’re in the right place.

Strategic Writing & Delivery that Create Engagement

  • Manuscript Review & Writing for breakthrough

  • PowerPoint decks that pull with (not against) your message

  • Coaching that aligns with your ability to influence

We talk about the stuff we’re knowledgeable about. Is it good enough?

Those who dare to be honest with us, will often tell us, “No.” As you consider tooling-up your communication strategies and skills, consider that this may never be your primary focus; after all you’ve got it going on in other fields!

Learning to engage our audience, convey authenticity and inspire action - like every other skill that you’ve mastered, these skills are learned, coached, mastered. You can be great at this.

Get where you’re meant to go.

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All along the journey, I got great advice from friends.

Though I have to admit that it took me awhile to understand what they were saying, since they often contradicted one another: go faster - no, go slower - start with some humor - no, hit the big point right off. It took me awhile to realize that each of them was right. Beneath all of their input ran a common thread; I needed to improve.

I am grateful for the 20-years that my job gave me a lab in which to learn the art and the science of speaking. Whether I was speaking to a board room of directors or before audiences of a thousand,

I wanted my presentation to stir people to action, to motivate them to be part of the vision.

I’m passionate about elevating your performance, your enterprise, our world.


I love it when my clients get to breakthrough!

This past year, one of my small business clients (with a national footprint) met their year-end goals in July.

I was as thrilled as they were! I love keeping in touch and learning how what we created together is leading to breakthrough.

Another client’s website helped to resolve several long-standing business challenges, creating their best season ever.

knows change-management and neural-messaging. A journalist and speech-writer with two-decades writing and delivering speeches. A CDMP | Certified Digital Marketing Professional has created turn-around communications strategies and websites for small businesses by small business owner and strategist, melinda bak

Let’s take your expertise & level-up your online presence with a great-looking, high-performing website.


Communication Strategist & Author

Communications Strategist - Written & Spoken Word Strategist Melinda Bak

Speechwriter and published author with two-decades writing and delivering transformative speeches while coaching emerging and proficient leaders to overcoming results.

Executive director with experience scaling for growth: for-profits & non-profits. Knows change-management, project management and workflow.

BA in Journalism & Masters, CDMP | Certified Digital Marketing Professional; has created turn-around strategy and breakthrough communication for leaders and websites with a local and national footprint.


"Melinda knows how to deliver facts as well as a high-expectations challenge, wrapping needful information in a compelling story that moves people toward greater commitment toward the vision and mission of an organization.

She not only believes that we can change the world, but stakes her life on it.

“Melinda knows how to convey that message verbally and in outstanding written communications."

Christopher Glasoe
Managing Director, Doxa Advisors LLC, Principled Wealth Management

knows change-management, neural-messaging amd turn-around communications strategies and websites for small business website design

I’m a Squarespace Freelance Professional & Recognized Circle Member

Squarespace is a responsive; that is, it works as well on your phone as on laptop - I can’t stress the importance of that enough. Beyond that, after a bit of training (from me) you’ll be able to keep your site updated without becoming dependent on costly professional support.

You can read more: about Squarespace and about the Website Design Process.

Over the past 3-years, I transitioned out of the full-time (80-hour/week) work-force and started my own company.

Now, I work half-time (keeping it to 40-hours a week) which is soooo great!

One of my clients recently called (from Africa) to say, “Thanks for being my secret weapon.” She went on to say that people wonder how she’s doing what she’s doing. I love being that; her behind-the-scenes super-power.

Ready to surpass this year’s business goals?

Ready to work with a website-designer who gets you and can help you launch a site you love, without that digital overwhelm?

Ready to deliver strategic presentations that get you and your team to breakthrough?

Let’s talk.


Whether you're a executive leader, keynote speaker or a graduate student who's ready to level-up, coaching for increased audience engagement can be pivotal.

Top Influencers

People often ask what authors are at the top of my influencer-list. I started with The World’s Great Speeches.


(Nerd-alert: I love learning from the ancients as well as our contemporaries - you can find a good start on the list here: Great Speeches.)

Then, I studied Pixar’s story-telling process.

And I read great books from thought-leaders, like: Simon Sinek, “Start With Why;” Jonah Sachs, “Winning the Story Wars;” Jonah Berger, “Contagious;” Paul Smith, “Lead with a Story;” Carmine Gallo, “Talk Like TED;” Amy Cuddy, “Presence;” and Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman’s book on brain science, “Thinking, Fast and Slow.”