Do you avoid sending potential clients to your website -because your site just doesn’t represent your business? Affordable, Custom, High Performing - Melinda Bak, Website Design

Do you avoid sending potential clients to your website?

Yeah, that’s not okay

Your business deserves a website that can get you where you’re going. Because no one does what you do, the way that you do it, the world should know.


Imagine. Your website. Powered up. Looking great. Connecting your business with now and future clients.

There are sites out there for $99 that are, well, a sight; neither good-looking, nor business-propelling. Then, there are ad-agencies who have an entire team on their payroll, who do amazing work; but if you’re not ready to pay big-league prices to support that team (30K and up) - what are your options?

DIY is a definite possibility. But, as a Small Business owner who’s already juggling balls like you were in a fast-food playland, the idea of taking on one more duty, can make website-creation a ball that gets (you know) … dropped.

Information affordable, customized, high performing website design by Melinda Bakll business websites perform in clients and customers. Melinda Bak, Website Design.

here’s to no more dropped balls!

If a great-looking, high-performing website that you can be proud to show your clients, is on your list - you’ve landed in the right place.


Your 2019 success is in sight

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Melinda Bak, Website Design for Small Business websites - don't avoid sending people to your website in 2019

I create custom websites solely for Small Businesses and Social Enterprises
(with <100 employees).

Having run small for-profits and large non-profits, I get the need to have a site that meets business goals and awes now and future clients.

Strategic, Engaging, SEO Content.
Customized & Affordable Websites.
App-Integrated & Responsive on Mobile.

My business is built on real relationships with my clients. Knowing a bit about you and your business goals, shapes what I do.

Imagine, a transparent process with no hidden costs! Who does that? I do; because I believe your new site will see a return on investment that’ll grow your business.

Ready to level-up your business with a stellar Website?

Then, let’s talk.

Melinda Bak
Website Designer & Strategist



Custom Designed & Branded | Websites In 2-Weeks

You can have that kind of website: fantastic to look at, with great performance and stellar analytics. Let’s build you a site that you’re proud to call your own.

Melinda Bak, Website Design - send potential clients to your website, be proud of your small business website

Time to be uncommon - with compelling images, engaging copy and a website for small businesses that can rank you with the big guys