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Brand consistency builds trust

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Whether you have a great brand, one that’s pleasing to look at and memorable, or a brand that needs a bit of attention - no worries.

Every brand, even the most well known get remade from time to time.

Think: Nike’s Swoosh. That was a 1971 re-brand of the company founded in 1964; Blue Ribbon Sport. Both the new name and the re-invented logo are legendary. Unafraid to re-visit its image, in 1988 Nike added “Just Do It” to its core brand. In 1995, Nike scaled back with a form of de-branding that removed text and adopted a simple black palette for the Swoosh.

Having a clear brand, even an evolving brand - especially an evolving brand - helps to establish recognition and familiarity. People place more trust in the products and services that feel familiar. And, consequently, people do business with those who are familiar, those they trust.

Creating a clear identity and brand is the first step to building a trust-relationship with potential customers.

Your brand includes consistent font-types, colors, images and icons. But, your brand also includes your content, the kind of information that makes you stand out in the marketplace.

Brand consistency builds trust - Melinda Bak brands your small business website

Message consistency is brand-essential.

People talk about a great “find” and then they share it. They tell a friend; in person and with social media. A consistent message helps to build your brand.

Ideally, that message isn’t just what you have to say about yourself; though getting that right is a good place to start. It’s also what others have to say about you.

What you do and what you say need to be aligned. Integrity counts. Lapses in what you say and do will quickly be broadcast across social - and that’s a brand-hit you can’t afford.

If there are “not yet” qualities about your business that you wish you could boast about - no time like the present to get to work making those qualities an imminent reality. Talk with your team about ways you can align doing and saying. Integrity matters.

Beyond aligning what you do with your brand copy - there’s this; being able to say why you do what you do. As author Simon Sinek says,

Website Design and branding for Small Business Owners

“We want to be around people and organizations who are like us and share our beliefs. When companies talk about WHAT they do and how advanced their products are, they may have appeal, but they do not necessarily represent something to which we want to belong. But when a company clearly communicates their WHY, what they believe, and we believe what they believe, then we will sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to include those products or brands in our lives.”

Rather than working to differentiate WHAT you do from the WHAT everyone else is doing, be clear about WHY you do what you do, and why that’s so compelling. When your product or service speaks to your clients’ values, when you’re about overcoming the same obstacles as your customers, and when what you do truly empowers your clients - your brand matters. You’ll not only be promoted by what you say, but by what others say about you. And, that’s gold.

An experienced communication strategist can help you clarify your why, refresh your brand, and advance your business’s message consistency.

brand your small business website with great designs from Melinda Bak

Let’s power-up your brand

Let’s do more than wish for great results, let’s work for them. We’ll create a front door that’s beckoning. It’ll be as beautiful as it is high-performing. We’ll work together to add great content to your pages; content that’s lead-generating. We’ll align your website with your business goals, with your why, and with a compelling digital presence.

2-Weeks to Amazing!

Check out our DIY Resource Page; because we believe that with today’s tools, you can create and launch your own website. Read why we recommend Squarespace for Small Business entrepreneurs. But, if updating your website or launching a new site seems like one too many things on your plate - maybe it’s worth considering hiring to get your site up and running. Do the math.

What would it take you to break-even on a new site? If it means 1-or-10-new-clients, what are the odds you’ll end up with that many new clients (or more) if you have a great site, out there on the front lines, making a way for your work? Read more about Website costs and benefits.

In just two weeks, you can have a customized website that you’re proud to share with new and existing clients and customers. Wow them with what you do. Why you do it. And the amazing way you do what you do. All you.



About the Design Process

branding your small business - Melinda Bak website design

If you’re planning ahead

Here’s a list of things that would be great to have on hand!

Actual photos of what you do, or real-life photos of your product

Consider what contact-information you want made public (you will need a physical address if this is a business])plus a business email address; consider whether to post hours when you’ll be open

Be ready to answer, “What customer challenges do I solve?”

Be ready to answer, “Who is my client?” (And who aren’t they?)

A little prep work now will be helpful as we begin our work. After you get your design-time reserved, plan to fill out the worksheets I send your way. And, get excited.

You’re on countdown to an amazing new website!

brand your small business website with great designs from melinda bak