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Squarespace Freelance Professional | Clean, Professional, Responsive Websites


97% of local searches for what you do (whether your provide products or services) begin on the web. Beyond that, 2 out of 3 searches begin on mobile (phones and tablets), according to SearchEngineLand.

It’s why I design on Squarespace, achieving a design that’s as responsive on mobile as on desktop.

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IMHO, Squarespace tops the list when it comes to responsiveness - performing as well on mobile, cellphone and tablet as on desktop.

Because of Squarespace’s clean lines, high performance and stellar integrations, I’ve actually stopped working with other providers who up-charge for every application, are sub-par on mobile, or create designer-dependency because of their lack of user-friendly functionality.

I want you to love your site, use your site, and be able to maintain your site. That’s why STEP-3 includes training-time.

If your site is difficult to maintain, you’ll stop maintaining it. And that means you’re just 3-seconds from your potential-customer clicking the “back” button, leaving you behind.

Search Engine Optimization is essential, as is having a website people want to read. Don’t send potential business to the competition for want of a website that’s current and as user-friendly for you as it is for your clients.

Platform Comparisons - Why Squarespace is the best platform - by Melinda Bak



For small businesses (even those with a national footprint), Squarespace is at the front of the pack when it comes to development, responsiveness, design and interface elements.

Helping others succeed at what they do - that's my thing.

That’s why, after working on other platforms, I'd never go back. Squarespace is my platform of choice for a beautiful website that small business owners, non-profits and social-enterprises can maintain on their own.

Squarespace Freelance Professional - Circle Member

As a Squarespace Freelance Professional, website designer and CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional)

who helps small business owners pursue their passions and achieve their goals, I look forward to designing a website that’s great looking and high performing - and makes you look good every day.


Because you need a website that’s as beautiful in-hand as on-land; Squarespace.