The Design Process - 3 Steps to Amazing

Hands-down, Squarespace provides the best platform for small businesses. Your website can be up and running in 2-Weeks, with support from Melinda Bak, Squarespace Freelance Professional,  check out the 7-step process and cost

Imagine a Website
You’re Proud to share


Your site is cleaned-up, tuned-up and capturing leads. It’s search-engine-optimized and you’re getting found. Besides that, you’re looking good (digitally speaking). Instead of apologizing for your out-of-date website, now you love having people check you out (digitally speaking).


I’ll email you and we’ll begin to think through your business needs. We’ll talk about what your website might look like; and any integrations that you might want.


Let’s Get you on the Calendar

I’ll send you a copy of the contract for you to review.When you’re ready, use the electronic-signature & payment to hold your time.

As soon as I’ve received your signed contract, you’re place on the contract is totally yours. You’ll have me, devoted to your site, dreaming and working, designing and refining for the duration of your design-time. Your signed contract and payment makes your preferred design-time unavailable to others.

For a 1 or 2-week build, 50% of your cost is due upfront and 50% upon completion. Let’s get you on the calendar.


Discover, Design, Deploy!

With a date set, you are close to making your website dreams a reality!

Because no two sites are the same, I like to begin thinking ahead about the unique needs of your site as it gives ideas time to percolate.

And, sometimes the discovery process turns up solutions neither of us had seen coming - and those can make all the difference!


I’ll send you a link to your digital-storage-drive that contains three pieces of prep-work.

You’ll get (1) a Content Questions Worksheet that will allow us to arrive at just the right language for you and your business. We’ll set a time to talk this through before I start the design. Your attention to this “Discovery Phase” is essential.

You’ll get (2) An Image Folder which you can use to upload photos, images or logos that you already have on hand.

And there’s a (3) Basics Page that you can use to provide me with the info I’ll need to establish your site; like your business email, domain (if you have one), and a physical-address if you want to be listed as a Business by Google.


I’ll take care of the up-front-amazing-appearance, as well as the behind-the-scenes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), UX (user experience/usability) and UI (intuitive flow).

At the end of the first week, we’ll talk through the site’s content and appearance. You’ll send me an unlimited amount of edits - and (in a 2-week-build) getting every detail right will be my focus - alongside finessing metadata, alt-tags, URLs, sitemaps and indexing. We’ll keep working throughout the design-time so that your website is spectacular and ready for prime-time!


On the final day, we’ll do a 90-minute-training so that you can maintain your site yourself.

I’ll also send you your branded images so that you can use them for business-cards, stationary and email-signatures.

We’ll do a virtual-high-five and you’ll be ready to call your friends and family, email your clients and generally brag about your amazing new website!

The launch of Your New Website is a great moment to build connections with your audience - and invite them to visit your new virtual-front-door!

Check out the 7-step process and cost, Squarespace is the best platform for small business

What does a New Website Cost?

Here’s everything you need to know. Upfront. Transparent. Like you deserve.


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DIY - Is it for you?

But, maybe you’ve been there, gone the DIY route. If not, you’ll find a host of resources for managing your own site, right here.

Product - 1b.JPG

Why would I tell you how to do what I do? Because, like any skill - doing it well - takes time and practice. And, I know not everyone has time to devote to learning how to start a website. If you do, welcome aboard! This is a busy field with more clients than I or others can possibly handle. That means I’m selective.

We’re a match if - You’re a Small Business owner with a local or national footprint - a for-profit, LLC, non-profit, or social enterprise - with a desire to level-up your marketplace presence. Usually you’ve known for awhile that your website needs tending, but now you’re making it a priority.

It totally makes senses that 97% of consumers begin their product or service-search online.

Because, it’s what we ourselves do. According to a new study by BIA/Kelsey, almost all local purchases begin with an online search. That makes tending your online presence is a no-brainer. Because you want to grow your business, your website needs to remain current, search engine optimized and bringing in leads. It’s a business priority for growing businessses like yours.

ROI varies per type of website and business, but this year alone a Proliferate Client hit their year-end goals in July! Exactly 12-months into our work, they are on course to more than double their business.

Similarly, when a Collaborate client’s website helped them to overcome a major business obstacle, they doubled this year’s income. We were all ecstatic! I love creating websites that are more than a pretty face.


Why Squarespace Websites?

97% of local searches begin on the web - and 60% of all searches begin on mobile (on phones and tablets), reports SearchEngineLand.

That makes having a website that’s as beautiful in-hand as on-land important.

IMHO, Squarespace tops the list when it comes to responsiveness - giving great performance on mobile, cellphone and tablet as on desktop.

Because of Squarespace’s clean lines, high performance and stellar integrations, I’ve stopped working with other providers who up-charge for every application, are sub-par on mobile, or create designer-dependency because of their lack of user-friendly functionality.

I want you to love your site, use your site, and be able to maintain your site.

If your site is difficult to maintain, you’ll stop maintaining it. And that means you’re just 3-seconds from your potential-customer clicking the “back” button, leaving you behind. Search Engine Optimization is essential, as is having a website people want to read. Don’t send potential business to the competition for want of a website that’s current and as user-friendly for you as it is for your clients.

For small businesses (even those with a national footprint), Squarespace is at the front of the pack when it comes to development, responsiveness, design and interface elements.As a Squarespace Freelance Professional, I look forward to designing a website that’s great looking, powered up - and makes you look good every day.