This isn’t your high-school “make eye-contact” public-speaking class.

This is neural science for thinkers & doers.
It’s breakthrough thinking, ideas & implementation.

This is speech-writing and coaching to overcome resistance and inertia.
Strategic messaging for professionals ready to level-up.


Professional Education

This is a live, interactive online seminar for leaders.

As part of the seminar, you’re invited to send me an optional draft of your work for editing, ideas or input. For that reason, each session’s enrollment is limited.

We’d love to add you to our wait-list!

Grad-Student Cost: $450 ($75/session)
Professional Cost: $900 ($150/session)
Group Discount: $600/each (for 6 or more)
Customized Group Training or Event (Let’s talk.)


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Let’s Make it Count

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To change others - Change your Message


No one knows your subject like you do.

And no one can speak for you.

So, it’s imperative that you nail your presentation; that you do more than deliver data. You need to deliver inspiration that creates breakthrough. Use your influence to deliver outcomes, with communication that overcomes resistance.

Speaker Coaching | Learn More

Speaker Coaching | Learn More


Co-workers have a dozen reasons for not being forthright.

That makes true-advice on messaging a rare commodity.

Having a Communication Coach for a brief season can be a pivotal point. Level-up your subject-matter expertise by mastering what others won’t tell you. Communicate with tools that get results.

Communications Strategist | My Story

Communications Strategist | My Story


Words, words.
Make yours matter.

Whether you’re speaking to a boardroom of directors, to staff, to a congregation of members, a virtual gathering or to a venue of thousands - average doesn’t define you.

Get manuscript editing and coaching; because writing for the ear is different than writing for publication.

Speech Writing | Learn More

Speech Writing | Learn More


Present with purpose.

Transform business as usual. Crush ordinary with powerful presentations.

Whether you’re comfortable in the spotlight or overcome with fright, coaching that elevates your message, delivery and impact can be the breakthrough difference. Overcome systemic resistance and strengthen your influence.

7 Steps to Great Speech Writing

7 Steps to Great Speech Writing