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Dock Builder, 10,000 DOCKS,
Hired Minnesota-based Squarespace Designer to Create a Website Whose

Front Page Changes with Minnesota’s Changing Seasons


With an evolving business and growing portfolio, 10,000 DOCKS, was ready for an updated look and wanted a site that would help them get construction information in the hands of clients, while helping now and future customers get on a burgeoning appointment schedule.

This in-demand dock construction and boat-lift outfitter needed to move from Wordpress’s management challenges to a website they could keep updated. As we dug into their analytics, we discovered that almost all of their clients begin their search on mobile. That meant that having a responsive website that was as high functioning on a phone or tablet as it was on desktop - was a top priority.

Squarespace’s Hayden template gave 10,000 DOCKS everything they needed and was the first step in this redesign.

The homepage opens with a captivating image which changes seasonally. The three custom-designed home-pages was just one of the ways we answered the question of remaining relevant in a changing climate. As the seasons change from spring & summer to fall, and to winter - so does the front page; keeping our client relevant, no matter the season.

Integrating a portfolio of work specific to different geographic locations was important and allowed us to showcase the builder’s work.

In total, the redesigned website captures the breadth of work while providing potential clients with ideas and inspiration for their summer lake projects.

10,000 DOCKS new Squarespace site is engaging, informative, with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that has quadrupled traffic and response rates; providing a continual influx of existing and new-client appointments.

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Melinda Bak


With three home screens that are rotated as the seasons change, interactive apps and scheduling, traffic on their new website has increased 3000% and business exponentially.

Home Pages that change with the Season

Squarespace Websites for Construction Companies - 10,000 Docks Summer

10,000 DOCKS is a Minnesota Lake Service Provider that needed to create relevance through the changing seasons. When summer has given way to fall-leaves, clients want to look ahead.

Squarespace Websites for Construction Companies - 10,000 Docks Fall

This website captures the heart of the business with high client engagement.

Squarespace Websites for Construction Companies - 10,000 Docks Winter