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Squarespace Freelance Professional
Clean, Professional, Responsive Websites

60% of searches now begin on mobile, reports SearchEngineLand. That makes having a website that’s as beautiful in-hand as on-land important.

IMHO, Squarespace tops the list when it comes to responsiveness - performing as well on mobile, cellphone and tablet as on desktop.

Because of Squarespace’s clean lines, high performance and stellar integrations, I’ve stopped working with other providers who up-charge for every application, are sub-par on mobile, or create designer-dependency because of their lack of user-friendly functionality.

I want you to love your site, use your site, and be able to maintain your site.

If your site is difficult to maintain, you’ll stop maintaining it. And that means you’re just 3-seconds from your potential-customer clicking the “back” button, leaving you behind.

Search Engine Optimization is essential, as is having a website people want to read.

Don’t send potential business to the competition for want of a website that’s current and as user-friendly for you as it is for your clients.

For small businesses (even those with a national footprint), Squarespace is at the front of the pack when it comes to development, responsiveness, design and interface elements.

As a Squarespace Freelance Professional, I look forward to designing a website that’s great looking, powered up - and makes you look good every day.

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Breakthrough Messaging for Leaders & Organizations

"Melinda Bak is innovative... she's not afraid of looking at new ways of doing things if it means that it will provide a stronger and better outcome for the end-user... Melinda Bak is an exemplary model of leadership,” HR Professional Carol Jacobs.

Carol Jacobs
HR Professional



"Melinda is innovative... 'because it has always been done that way' is not part of her mindset nor her vocabulary.

She thinks outside of the box and is not afraid of looking at new ways of doing things if it means that it will provide a stronger and better outcome for the end-user.

Additionally, Melinda is multi-generational... 

I have witnessed her (ability) to eliminate the barriers... She designed systems and programs accordingly... it is an exceptional strength that she possesses.

Melinda doesn’t get shaken, exhibiting calmness, strength and perseverance under complex, pressure-filled, and stressful circumstances. I have observed this as being, not only a professional trait favorable to her, but also saw the positive, reassuring and calming affect this trait had on those she supervised and led. 

Melinda is an exemplary model of leadership.”