Amplify Your Real Estate Brand

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Back in the 1980’s, 22% of home buyers searched online. Today 90% of all home-buyers and sellers use the internet to assist with their sale or purchase of a home. In fact, before reaching out to a realtor, most potential clients have already done a fair amount of online research. And while being part of a larger organization’s website makes a huge difference, studies show that the 32% of realtors who own their own website have a notable market edge. ( | 2018)

Tip #1 / Add Links Back to Your Website

Your website is your virtual front door to the world. Make sure it’s up to date (not tired, not dated, and includes working links). Then, wherever possible include links - from Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter posts - back to your site.

Think of your website as the hub of your social and digital world. When you create links back into your website, you create opportunities for collecting email addresses and facilitating ongoing or followup conversations. That said, make sure your website offers opportunities for people to give you your email address. This is the first step in turning digital browsing into real conversations that win potential clients.

Whether you’re sending out an email, or posting on social, create a link back to your website. An added plus, is that the Google-bots resonate with outside links into your site - it shows that you’re connected with the larger world. Win-win.

To Create a Link:

  1. Highlight the text you want to link (Control + K), then click the "chain link" icon in your text toolbar.

  2. In the dialogue box, choose to connect a website URL; copy and paste the entire https://your-website

  3. You can also add a button with a link or turn an image into a link that leads to your website.

Tip #2 / Revisit your Brand

It’s always good to do a refresh. And your logo is a good place to start. It’s shorthand for your name and business. It ought to be identifiable and usable in various formats (on business cards, signs, t-shirts, websites, social posts). Make sure your logo represents not only who you were but who your are and how you want to be perceived today. Do an informal poll and ask some trusted friends and associates what your logo makes them think of when they see it. Sometimes all that’s needed for a refresh is a font-update, or a shorter-version (a favicon) for use on social platforms.

But, your brand is more than your logo. Your brand is how you identify yourself and how others identify you. Your brand is embodied by the work you deliver, the words you speak and print, the images and content on your website. A strong brand helps all these things to work as one, with authenticity and believability that garner trust. In the digital market, transparency and trust count. Be clear about what you do, what you offer and who you are. Take a look at the images on your site and make sure they represent the market that you serve, the values and the properties you represent and the customer you want to to attract. Use language that’s not merely industry-speak, but that’s really you. Ensure that when you meet, your face-to-face aligns with your online image.

While it’s common practice in realtor circles to use photos of our younger-selves; remember that your clients are going to meet you face to face. Updated photos, like great property photos emphasize what’s best and what’s true. Yep, saying it again - authenticity builds trust. Sometimes updating your brand means getting a new head shot, a new business property photo - or a new, up-to-date website that communicates your relevance for today’s market.

Whether you run a commercial real estate company, are part of a residential real estate group, a property management firm, or are just getting started as a realtor, Squarespace’s websites allow you to showcase your properties with full-width banner-images, galleries and slideshows. Customizations, strong content and SEO, plus Squarespace-compatible MLS integrations will make your site user friendly and a sought-out voice as people search for answers. Known for their responsiveness, this is especially needful for realtors for whom 70% of clients begin their property search on mobile. You’ll also love the ease with which you can update and maintain your own site - with training from our team. Let us build you a Squarespace site that resonates with your business and builds your target audience.