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The Science of Story | Get Breakthrough

Here’s the science that transforms your first words into words that get you to breakthrough.Yeah, sometimes some of our great ideas are going up in flames as we work to transform content that’s dry or preachy.

At the end of the day, our writing needs to engage our reader. Our content needs to light a fire in our customer or client - so that they want to reach out and connect with us.

Enter the bunsen burner and a little science. We’re taking data and heating it enough to create some transformation.

Data begins with your “what;” what you wrote. And begins to ask, “BUT WHY?” and “HOW WILL WE DO THIS?”

  • Why does what you’re saying make a difference. Why does it matter?

  • And, how are your listeners suppose to do something with what you say. How could this shape their process, their actions, their world?

Like every piece of great media - be it a 15-second commercial, video game, board-game, photo, Manga anime, political campaign, sermon, speech, reality television, miniseries, movie - they all contain a story-arch.

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