Did you really just say - that?!

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Gesturing with my hands (palms toward one another, about two-feet apart), I said, “I have a really big ask.”

My colleagues, doubling over in laughter in the front row, swear that I never articulated the “k."

Live streamed and before a thousand people, that’s how THE BIG-ASK went south. We laugh about it still. It was a cringe-worthy moment that time hasn’t dulled.

Worse were the times I worked a presentation only to watch people scroll through their phones. The stuff on their to-do list, not my message, was front of mind.

As a public speaker, other’s praise didn’t cover the fact that I knew I could do better.

So, I set out to learn how.

Like every other skill you’ve mastered, great communication is Learned. Coached. Practiced.

Your word choice, narrative, tone and presence align for a singular outcome. If any facet appears out of sync with the rest, people may not hear what you intended (even if you’re certain you pronounced the “k”).

Whether you’re shy or gregarious, comfortable in the spotlight or overcome with fright, we’ll work together to help you amplify your strengths and deliver masterful, memorable presentations that create transformation.

In fact, you can be great at this.

While we’ll tick-off the boxes for great presentations, this isn’t a paint-by-number project, it’s personal. We’ll customize the techniques so that your presentations are aligned with who your are.

You’ll go beyond delivering data and a call to action. By tapping into neuro-science, writing-for-the-ear, amplified engagement and authentic presence - you’ll open pathways for listeners to hear your words, own your message and be inspired to walk it out.

Motivate others for the part they get to play in tomorrow’s advances. Exceed ordinary. Because anything less, well, it’s just not you.

the big ask (fail)