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Website Specialties

  • Websites for Small Businesses; images, content, design, branding - with a 2-Week turn-around time

  • Enterprise websites that are integrated with social media channels, SSL (Secured Certificate installation), indexed with Google, Google Analytics installed

  • Apps integrated: CRM, Appointment Calendars, MLS, Bands-In-Town, more

  • Content Writing for new and existing sites, including keywords, images, SEO

  • Landing Pages for high engagement


Let's create a site you love to share

Great-looking, high-performing (SEO), affordable websites serving for-profit, non-profit and social-enterprises.


A Squarespace Freelance Professional & circle member, I know the value of a site that's responsive on desktop and mobile, user-friendly and easy for you to maintain.

I know the value of a site that's responsive on desktop and mobile, user-friendly and easy for you to maintain. What’s on your mind?
Go ahead, ask me directly.


Biographical blah-blah… really, skip this section, unless you’re someone who wants to know where I traveled on the way to here.

There was a degree in journalism (BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison), and a Masters (Minnesota), and a CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Profession, University of St. Thomas OPUS School of Business).

And then there was just a whole bunch of life experience leading stuff, writing stuff, getting published, leading media departments.

Really, just the usual kind of stuff that makes a person want to launch out on their own in order to get things right. And, it’s been a blast!

Turns out past entrepreneurial leadership, work for small and large for-profits, non-profits and social enterprises - was great background for helping small businesses launch websites that exceed business goals.

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In fact, on more than one occasion, I’ve halted website development and come alongside a company to help them create a scale-up plan so they were prepared for the new influx of work a new site would bring.

How does tripling revenue sound? Yep, that happened; from 1M to 3M in 18-months. Sweet.

Specializing in great-looking, high-performing (SEO), websites that serve small businesses (with a hundred or less employees).

Committed to creating affordable, customized (not skimpy) websites.

Working with for-profit, non-profit & social-enterprises to level-up their digital presence.


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