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Your Site’s Front Door | Score


Knowing what your website is doing well and where it needs improvement is a great place to start. Here are some things to consider - if you scored -

SCORE 14-15
a STELLAR front door

Well done. Your website is in good shape. But, like a physical front door, regular upkeep conveys a lot about your business's relevance. With things moving as fast as they are in the digital-world, the rule of thumb is to refresh a website every 2-years. You'll see it. If it's been longer, you'll noticed that styles, technology and capabilities have changed. My encouragement is to stay current. Keep your virtual front door looking great!

SCORE 11-13
a front door that SQUEAKS a bit

So, there’s this little squeak when you open and close the door; it’s been there for awhile but no one’s got the band-width to fix it. This is a good time to freshen the front page with fresh content and images. Make sure you're reading your site's analytics and monitoring performance. Look too at your page links. Consider redirecting buttons toward pages which are getting more traffic.

Follow your audience's lead - and invest more in the things which are capturing their interest. Consider blog posts or adding a landing-page that captures leads related to your high-traffic topic. You can DIY those. Though, sometimes it's more cost-effective to hire a freelance website guru. Think of it this way: spend an equivalent of a new client/or two's revenue-generation on your updates, your ROI (return on investment) will be worth every penny.

SCORE 8-10
the front door STICKS here and there

I'm not telling you anything you don't know. Check around and you’ll likely find that staff, current and potential customers are all using a work-around. While they’d like to be able to go directly to the website and help themselves, something that’s highly rated in our customer-centric world; it’s not worth it.

Doors that stick, won’t open when you need them or how they should - it’s both embarassing and frustrating. Staff and clients no longer refer others to your website, limiting business. Instead, they convey information through emails and phone calls (where data often gets buried, loses brand-consistency, and stymies referrals. In effect, staff and clients begun using the delivery-dock to access the business.

Getting your website updated only feels daunting because you've got bigger responsibilities. Hiring a specialist saves you time you don't have, money (that it would cost you to reallocate hours or hire staff) and saves your reputation. People check out your website before referring others. Let's make sure your virtual-front-door says, “Come on in!”

the front door has become, ahhh, ANTIQUATED

In only a few years - sad, I know. Like a doorbell that won't ring, there are buttons and links that go nowhere. The pictures and content have become dated.

A make-over is in order, but before you rip out the walls and floor boards and call in a rennovation team, let's consider the savings involved in just starting fresh. A new site can leverage recent trends and technologies, often at huge savings over retrofitting older models. We can redirect your existing domain (website address) toward a beautiful new site without missing a beat. In two-weeks, your awesome-outcome-producing website will be open and ready for business! Call your friends. Happy dance!


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