Outstanding Communications


Christopher Glasoe, Managing Director, Doxa Advisors LLC, Principled Wealth Management

"Melinda knows how to deliver facts as well as a high-expectations challenge, wrapping needful information in a compelling story that moves people toward greater commitment toward the vision and mission of an organization.

She not only believes that we can change the world, but stakes her life on it.

“Melinda knows how to convey that message verbally and in outstanding written communications."


innovative & exemplary

Carol Jacobs
HR Professional


"Melinda is innovative... 


'because it has always been done that way' is not part of her mindset nor her vocabulary.

She thinks outside of the box and is not afraid of looking at new ways of doing things if it means that it will provide a stronger and better outcome for the end-user.

Additionally, Melinda is multi-generational... I have witnessed her (ability) to eliminate the barriers... She designed systems and programs accordingly... it is an exceptional strength that she possesses.

Melinda doesn’t get shaken, exhibiting calmness, strength and perseverance under complex, pressure-filled, and stressful circumstances. I have observed this as being, not only a professional trait favorable to her, but also saw the positive, reassuring and calming affect this trait had on those she supervised and led. 

Melinda is an exemplary model of leadership.”