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Twin Cities Realtor Hires Minnesota-based Squarespace Designer to Create New Website


When Realtor® Laura Burger wanted to reach out to emerging markets, she choose website designer Melinda Bak - who developed both design and content.

Our realtor’s first goal was to attract and engage millennial buyers considering their first home. A good call on Laura’s part since Millennials make up the largest group of first-time home buyers, topping 65% of the market (according to the National Association of Realtors Research Group). And, no surprise here, 99% of Millennials begin their search online. It’s why an up-to-date, target-marketed website is key to customer engagement.

Realtor reaches growing market
with strategic website content

The second of three goals was to connect with adults needing to put their parents’ home on the market. Boomers are positioned to inherit just under $30-trillion over the next four decades; a portion of that coming in the form of inheriting a family house - according to The Center of Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College. Of those selling homes, 70% will begin their process online. Having a website that engages the concerns of this market was key for Realtor® Laura Burger.

Standing out from the crowd means providing value-added resources that go beyond providing only home listings or community attributes. Because both of these audiences is going to begin their buying and selling process by searching the web to learn more, this Realtor® site helps build trust by being that “go-to” resource.

With compelling content and images entwined with strong SEO, today’s potential clients easily find LauraLeeSold.net. This Realtor® site also includes hidden pages for exclusive access by existing home buyers and sellers, making their journey a great experience and transforming one-time clients into long-term advocates. This third goal helps this Realtor® take new ground.

Does it help that Laura Burger has been awarded “Top Sales Professional” in Coldwell Banker’s International Presidential Circle? Of course it does! It’s also why working with a forward-thinking, customer-driven realtor was a huge pleasure.

The best day? When I get to create communication plans worthy of my client’s goals!
Melinda Bak

Whether you lead a commercial real estate company, a property management firm, or are a talented realtor just getting started, Squarespace offers some dynamic features that allow you to showcase your properties; including full-width banner images, slideshows, high-performing customizations, SEO, and MLS integrations.

Let us build you a Squarespace site that allows you to look great, update with ease, and connect with your target market.