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Innovative brand-building strategists have left the scotch-glass laden tables of Mad Men, and are now tipping Camelbak water bottles in corporate head-quarters, branch offices, and across kitchen tables. And, content creators are a strategists’ best friend.

Instead of hiring an ad-agency, big and small businesses are increasingly keeping their work in-house; or their organization is branching out to do what agencies once did for them. Think: Target and Walmart. Both are leveraging internal assets to expand their market presence.

As a content-creator, I develop the proprietary brand assets, campaigns, images and written content that helps businesses convey their story in its most irresistible form.

At an eighth of ad-agency costs, content creators - yep, like me - are advancing the work of clients with small, growing and significant footprints.

I create content, reports and speeches for nationwide-clients, deliver written and presentation material for CEO’s, and ghost op-eds for large platform delivery and publication.

Where mediocre content can drain enthusiasm, stellar writing and compelling images create breakthrough!

Connecting both not-yet and hyper-targeted customers and stakeholders with engaging content is how you move ahead in a customer-driven market.

As a content creator, I use words and images to help your best work get noticed.

Myanmar - Genocide.JPG

World Events | Myanmar

Can the head of government, Aung San Suu Kyi, reign-in a fiercely independent military while recalibrating the public narrative away from historic prejudice that foments genocide and toward a democracy that tolerates differences? 

Or will she stand and watch as hundreds of thousands are brutally murdered and sent fleeing from their homes?

Star Tribune Article - Icon.JPG

Op Ed | Star Tribune

Is it possible that Souhan is actually a fan of Coach Kill? Is he clever enough to have baited hundreds of us into responding? See the 17 pages of online responses to Souhan’s article calling Kill’s battle with epilepsy a “sad” case. The column was a kind of moral low ground, a playground taunting that surely could only have been an attempt to have the public rise up and defend a good man and an excellent coach. Well done, Mr. Souhan.

Knocking 1.JPG

Outsider Thinking | Philippines

It was the tip of a conflict that was still decades from washing up on American shores. Islamic forces had waged a jihad …

I heard firsthand the weeping, the jeering and the cheering.

One Giant Leap for Technology.JPG

One Giant Leap for Technology | Mandate Moon

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Public flight was really only a thing of the past decade. To go from propeller-planes to spacecraft was inspiring but also well beyond our technological capacity in 1961.

Middle East | A Day in the Life (travel)

Backpacking across Jordan, Israel and Egypt, my adult daughter and I wonder about the man to whom we've entrusted ourselves, but as we so often do (sometimes to our own peril), like gnats in the wind, we swat away our fears and get on board.

Today we headed into the desert of Wadi Rum to meet up with our Bedouin guide who sweet-talks his camels like we do our small house pets.

To Own or Not to Own

Home-ownership is great because you’re finally investing your hard-earned income in your real estate, rather than in someone else’s. But, let’s be honest, home-ownership also comes with constraints like leaky pipes that are your leaky-pipes. however, if you’re not afraid of a little risk and are a willing problem solver (as in, let me Google that for you), and you’re looking for an investment that has some upside social benefits, then this may be the moment.

Network Cabling.JPG

Prime Data Communications

6 basic Topologies describe the physical and logical path of your network. That topology includes the placement of network devices, cable installation, transmission rates and signal type. Topologies are found in local area networks (LAN), where each point in the LAN has one or more physical links to other devices in the network. Graphical link-maps are known by the geometric shape they resemble: Bus, Ring, Star, Tree, Mesh, and Hybrids.


We forget how it feels to be new

Entering a space where no one has saved a seat for you. It’s an uncomfortable moment; a moment in which you assess whether you will belong.

Or not.

Content writing that Elevates Performance, SEO and high engagement.

Courts in Session | Jazz

Sinuously chromatic harmonies take us to distant times and places. Then, pulling us back to the here and now, old school cadences coalesce with rhythms that sing your socks off.

Aficionados and non-toe-tapping listeners, alike, think they can dance. Should dance. Must. Dance. That’s Court’s in Session.

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