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We work with clients to create written, digital & spoken strategies
that lead to breakthrough.

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Make Today’s Plan Worthy of
Tomorrow’s Dreams

I love that dreams evolve.
When we let them, our dreams can re-gather and re-focus with renewed purpose and potential That’s my story.

As an executive leader, nothing excited me more than empowering others. Having coached and advised emerging leaders and executive level professionals for more than two decades, written reports, had curriculum published, spoken to thousands, led media teams and shaped digital strategy … I found the common-thread that excited me beyond all else.

I’m passionate about helping mission-minded leaders breakthrough.

Verbal and digital messaging for proven business acceleration are my proven skills.

But, Strategic Communication - that helps you take your business to the next level - that’s my passion. If you’re ready to create a communication plan worthy of your goals, let’s talk.

Melinda Bak
Written & Spoken Word Strategist


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