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Make Today’s Plan Worthy of Tomorrow’s Dreams

I love that dreams can morph, come into view and get refocused. That’s my story.

As an executive leader, nothing excited me more than empowering others to do what they were meant to do. I had coached and advised emerging leaders and executive level professionals for more than two decades. I had written reports, had curriculum published, spoken to thousands, led media teams and shaped digital strategy.

My big shift? Acknowledging that while I’m dexterous with business development and change management, I’m most passionate about helping mission-minded leaders create compelling and strategic communication.

Strategy. Communication. Verbal and digital messaging. These are my long-cultivated-skills. Helping you succeed is my passion.

If you’re ready to create a communication plan worthy of your goals, let’s talk.

Melinda Bak, Written & Spoken Word Strategist


I work with clients to create spoken, written and digital strategies that overcome challenges and lead to breakthrough. I create high-performance websites and high-engagement speeches.