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The place where my experience benefits those I serve; that’s my sweet-spot.

I’m committed to creating affordable (not skimpy) websites that look great. Even better, I create customized websites that help your business breakthrough the chatter!

Let’s get it right.


Your success matters

Get content, design & branding aligned with your business goals - website design for small businesses with big ideas.

So glad your search led you here.

We both know - a great website can help you reach potential clients and customers without spending a boatload on advertising. If you’re ready for a customized website that's search-engine-optimized, creating the kind of organic leads that helps your business get found - then you need more than a discount-site.

You need a branded, content-rich, user-friendly, easy-to-maintain website that works as hard as you do. I’m glad that search brought you here. I value a strong relationship with my clients and believe that your website ought to be as brilliant as your goals. At the end of the day, I want you, your clients and all those little google-bots to go “WOW, that’s a great website!”

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Carol Jacobs for Melinda Bak | Website Design
Melinda is an exemplary model of leadership. Melinda thinks outside of the box and is not afraid of looking at new ways of doing things if it means that it will provide a stronger and better outcome for the end-user.
— Carol Jacobs, HR Leader
John Bartunek for Melinda Bak | Website Design
I continue to be impressed with Melinda’s leadership, her ability to identify underlying root causes in issues, the ability to establish and maintain a vision during difficult challenges, and an uncanny ability to focus on the organization’s purpose.
— John Bartunek, Excel Energy
Mark David Williams for Melinda Bak | Website Design
Her servant-hearted leadership, commitment to team, consummate work ethic, high moral character, and capacity to manage any number of competing challenges while remaining invested with those who struggle to do the same – has been an asset.
— Mark David Williams, Award Winning Artist
Chris Glasoe for Melinda Bak | Website Design
Melinda knows how to wrap needful information in a compelling story that moves people toward greater commitment toward the vision and mission of an organization.
— Chris Glasoe, Wealth Management
Deb Nygaard for Melinda Bak | Website Design
Melinda is a compelling writer. Her writings inspire and motivate others. It’s quite impressive to watch her address a multi-generational crowd, keeping everyone engaged... mixing relational stories and deep context with apparent ease.
— Deb Nygaard, ACR Director of Development

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