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"Melinda is an exemplary model of leadership.”


"Melinda thinks outside of the box and is not afraid of looking at new ways of doing things if it means that it will provide a stronger and better outcome for the end-user.Additionally, Melinda is multi-generational... 

I have witnessed her (ability) to eliminate the barriers... She designed systems and programs accordingly … it is an exceptional strength that she possesses.”

Carol Jacobs, HR Representative




"Melinda knows how to deliver facts as well as a high-expectations challenge, wrapping needful information in a compelling story that moves people toward greater commitment toward the vision and mission of an organization.

She not only believes that we can change the world, but stakes her life on it.

“Melinda knows how to convey that message verbally and in outstanding written communications."

Christopher Glasoe, Managing Director, Doxa Advisors LLC, Principled Wealth Management


Love Winter
Dream Spring

An avid cyclist, I stop riding when this happens.
This winter’s goal? Rediscover cross country skiing.


Speechwriter with two-decades speech-writing and delivery; coaching emerging and professional leaders.

Executive director with experience scaling for growth: for-profits & non-profits. Knows change-management and neural-messaging.

BA in Journalism & Masters, CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional) has created turn-around communication strategies and websites for small businesses with a local and national footprint

Coming soon to this website, case-study pages (can’t wait to do some show & tell)