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Our readers are the kind of people we like to catch coffee with and invite over for a summer cookout.
And, that actually happens.
So -

  • Do share your amazing, informed ideas that contribute further to the story at hand.

  • Spot a typo or an error? Yikes! We hate when that happens. Let us know and we will correct it.

  • Share a laugh; funny is good. Of course, never a someone else’s expense; we’re committed to keeping this site a harassment-free place to learn.

  • Just say no (and never ever feed the trolls). There are lots of odd ducks in the pond; give them space to splash around without splashing back. Flag the odd comment and we’ll deal.

Want to know more? This is the stuff we boot from our site.

  • Want to promote what you do, your business, brand, or blog? Have an idea that will help small business owners launch a great website? Super. Send it our way using our contact form! All links are pre-moderated.

  • Impersonating someone else? Never a good idea in our transparent (we can see your internet address) world. Besides that, pretending to be someone else is, well, weird. Just don’t do it.

  • Jumping the gun. When a runner does this and leaves the starting-blocks prematurely, the race is restarted. Three times and they’re disqualified; removed from the race. With that in mind, make sure you read the whole article before making assumptions. And, when adding to the conversation, do your best to stick to the original subject. Think of it like a runner who stays on the right track (leaving the field is another disqualifying move). Run well.

  • Demeaning words have no place in our work. Division and low-blows are easy; just don’t be a jerk. Take the high road. No matter what.

  • Just trolling? “Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?” said the Troll to each of the Three Billy Goats Gruff as they passed his way. Before long, the largest of the Goats tossed the troll into the river so they could live in peace. Even if you’re a great swimmer, don’t be a troll. We hate knocking people into the water (though sometimes it just can’t be helped). No trolling.

  • Finally, it’s our site, we get to make the rules. We’re not impinging on your freedom of speech by deleting cranky comments; we just don’t play with angry people. If you’re mean to others, know that like any good host - we may ask you to leave before the party’s over, and we probably won’t invite you the next cookout. If all of this seems too restrictive, we get it and encourage you to find another site on which you can share your feelings and ideas - as there are many with more liberal commenting policies. If you stick around - hooray! Keep listening and keep sharing. Even banned commenters can listen. We’ll keep listening too.