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Squarespace Site Plays Jazz For Local Legends


Website One

Court’s In Session is a fabulous local band with old-time roots and a new vibe. But Google their name, and you use to land legal references. Within a month of posting the new site (inclusive of new branding), which included phrases like “tipping the scales of jazz” with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google was singing jazz up-close with this soulful band!

That’s where working with our team really delivers. We believe in creating not only great looking, responsive (on desktop, tablet and mobile) websites, but we know how to masterfully wordsmith so that our clients online presence is just as magical as their onstage performance!

Court’s In Session website, which promotes this evolving band’s growing reputation, needed not only brand development and website love, but a bit of attention to detail - like creating event posters and a “One Sheet” for downloading by those booking events.

The first step was moving Court’s In Session to the Squarespace template, Polaris. An inherently connected template, Polaris includes features that allow for uploading music, publishing a booking schedule, connecting social media and establishing an online musical identity. The full-width image presentation throughout the site allows for the kind of high-engagement parallax-cruising we look for and deliver in artistic sites.

Love when we get to tip the scales of performance in favor of our clients,
Melinda Bak


Website Two

When Courtney Burton was ready to launch her music business, she needed a sight that seamlessly worked with her band’s website, but showcased her independent work. We were thrilled to be asked to lend a hand!

STORY - Courtney Burton Music.JPG
CBM - keyboard.JPG

This website comes with all the integrations a musician needs to land business:

  • Podcast interfaces, integrated with blog posts

  • MP3 uploads and Soundcloud integrations

  • Bands-in-town scheduling

  • Dedicated pages for corporate and individual event planners to connect

  • Online consult-scheduling page (with Acuity Scheduling that sends branded confirmation directly to client’s email and calendar)

  • Mailchimp and Email integrations for easy lead-form and landing page follow-up

Creating a highly branded look, Courtney Burton Music site was built on Squarespace’s WAV platform. But, by the time we were done, this site was loaded with a lot of WOW.

Check out some of the custom images (below) that help this site achieve it’s branded presentation.


Squarespace Websites for Music

Whether you’re ready to promote your music, or let people know about an upcoming event, Squarespace comes with amazing tools that can get you heard. We especially love Squarespace’s Audio Block for uploading an audio-file, radio interview, or promo track. Squarespace’s Calendar Block is one of the tools available for publicizing upcoming gigs. But, ad-ons like SoundCloud (for sharing playlists and tracks) and Bandsintown (for tour dates) really rock the house when it comes to getting your Band seen and heard.

It’s an unbeatable duet - amazing functionality combined with the ease of being able to maintain your own website (following one-on-one, personalized Squarespace training with Melinda Bak). We can’t wait to have you singing the praises of your website!


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