Website Cost
Upfront & Transparent

If you’re like me, you don’t want to have to hand out your personal contact information in order to learn about hidden costs. I value transparency and authentic messaging.

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1. Updates

$500- $1000
Website Updates for Existing Clients

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2. Starting Gate
Good for Small Beginnings
& Special Events

$2500 \ 1 Week for a 3-page custom website

Good for start-ups that need to get their name and service or product out there, search-engine-optimized, with an engaging presence

Good too for an online resume, wedding or anniversary

1-Hour of Training so that you can update content yourself


3. Captivate - a Small Business favorite. Great for-profits with under 30-employees, non-profits & LLC's


$5000 \ 2 Weeks \ 5-10 page custom website design optimized with SEO so you can get found online

This is the favorite of new and existing small business owners who are ready for an updated look that’s clean, current and captivating

Compelling content, Custom design and branded images (photos, icons and favicon), Search-engine-optimized (SEO) and Indexed with Google

1.5-Hours of Training so that you can update content yourself

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4. Collaborate
For Small Businesses Utilizing or In Need of Business Integrations

$10,000-$15,000 \ 4-6 Weeks \ Custom website with app-integrations and content creation

Often utilizing a CRM interface, email campaign links, maps, menus, catalogs, MLS, or other app-integrations in support of business goals

1-2-Hours of Staff Consultation and Training per week, gathering input and cultivating confidence (through practice) in ability to maintain and modify the site yourself

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5. Proliferate
Small Businesses with a Larger Footprint (some are national, some local and scaling-up)

$20,000-$90,000 \ 2-9 Months \ complex business websites

Often with backend integrations or business resourcing for businesses ready for growth outcomes (I’m glad to resource the tools you need, present you with options and help you onboard those resources)

1-2-Hours of Staff Consulting and Training per week (more as needed) so you are able to maintain and modify the site yourself

Any Other Costs? (yes)

If we’re building a new website, you’ll want to add about $225 for a Squarespace license and domain (or domain transfer)

Why Squarespace? (read more)

You may have your own photos and images, but if not (or if they need updating), factor in $200 for image (photo) licensing; larger sites will require more images (with the option for video creation)

And that’s it. In a nutshell.

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How much does a new website cost?

Website Design - Thinking Aloud

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Do you have a current website?
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The Cost Difference

The websites that I design compete with the big-guys at a fraction of an ad-agency’s fee; because sometimes you need an entire design staff, and sometimes you don’t.

The websites I create are also different from the $99 discount-provider whose fill-in-the-blank approach gives you an operable site, but without customization or optimization.

Your website deserves business integrations aligned with your specific challenges, an appearance that’s all-you, customized & captivating, as well as the metadata needed to create a high-functioning, high-performing, search-engine-optimized site.

When we work together, you’ll get to watch your site as it’s created and you’ll be able to provide as many updates and modifications as you want throughout your design-process.

That means that the end result will be custom tailored to your business and the outcomes you’ve been dreaming about.

Read more about the Design Process here.

Let’s strategize for a website that builds on your strengths,while including built-in solutions for all those pesky challengees.


Your Website - How can I help?

Take a quick second to fill out the Website Design Form and we can talk.

Once you schedule your time, you won’t share it with other clients. I’m totally yours, devoted to your site and your project for the duration of your design-time.

Creating websites that boost your presence and bottom line thrills me.

This year, when a PROLIFERATE client told me they hit their year-end goals in July, I was elated!

And, when a COLLABORATE client’s website helped them to overcome a major business obstacle and double their bottom line, I was ecstatic.

I love creating websites that get you to your business goals!

Melinda Bak
Communications Strategist